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The Marble Restoration Company’s technicians have seen it all when it comes to marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo or other natural stone!  The Case Studies below exemplify just some of our team’s work with different issues that may arise with your stone.


Seam Repair and Vanity Restoration

We recently received a customer call to repair the seams on her master bathroom vanity and restore the stone to its original luster.  Our crew was contracted to take care of both projects, beginning with [...]

Grout Cleaning and Grout Tinting

We recently received a call from a man who had used a local grout company to restore the grout lines on his bathroom shower floor.  After years of use, it is quite normal for the [...]

Terrazzo Floor Coating Removal

After numerous attempts to try to find an alternative solution to waxing and rewaxing their black terrazzo floor, a commercial client contacted us to provide a test sample to naturally restore their stone.  (Read more [...]

Marble Floor Etch Removal

We recently received a call from a professional cleaning company that used a standard cleaning chemical on a client's marble floor.  While their intention was to remove the embedded dirt from their client's grout lines, [...]

Marble Floor Stain Removal

A few weeks back, we received a call from a woman whose white and grey marble bathroom floor was stained orange, ruining what had been a beautiful stone.  She tried to remove the stains herself [...]

Granite Counter Crack Repair

Problem: A customer of The Marble Restoration Company required a counter crack repair due to too much pressure on an unsupported section of a granite counter top.  Additionally, the granite slab was no longer horizontally aligned [...]