Glaze Guard Ceramic Tile Sealer

Glaze Guard is a two component, highly durable ceramic tile sealer with extra adhesion properties. Glaze Guard has been specially developed to not only seal ceramic, but also porcelain tile and grout, and it is available in high gloss, satin and matte finishes.

The Glaze Guardprocess entails a deep cleaning of the tile and grout, applying a GROUTint™ colorant of choice to create consistent grout lines, and finally the application and curing of the Glaze Guardcoating.

The many advantages of applying Glaze Guard™ are:

  • GROUTint™ creates consistent grout color while also sealing the grout lines
  • The Glaze Guard process restores the luster and color of the tile in one coat
  • Floor care costs are reduced as the coating prevents grout and tile from becoming soiled, discolored or stained
  • Glaze Guard is chemical and abrasion resistant for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • The promotion of mold and bacteria is slowed as the coating repels moisture
  • The product is UV stable so the sun’s rays will not yellow the coating
  • It is VOC compliant for environmental protection
  • The floor maintains a consistent gloss, or other finish of choice, over time
  • A non-slip additive is available for additional slip resistance in areas like locker rooms or restrooms.  The slip coefficient with the additive is often better than the bare floor!

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