Since the Neolithic period, artisans have created spectacular terrazzo floors, patios, and wall panels by mixing various types of stone and ceramic chips in a more fluid base. Now craftspeople use a cement or epoxy base and marble chips to create terrazzo structures and finishes. Terrazzo is versatile, relatively inexpensive, and sturdy. It should be polished like marble and granite to maximize its attractiveness and endurance.

During our combined 40 years of experience, The Marble Restoration Company of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley has determined that a restoration using our distinctive process to hone, polish, and seal terrazzo can return it to its original beauty and durability.

Our terrazzo care and restoration processes employ the latest technologies and equipment to protect and preserve your terrazzo floors, patios, and more. Once we have completed a restoration, our technicians will educate you with simple stone and tile care tips so you can keep your terrazzo looking like it was just installed. If it’s made of terrazzo, we’ll make it like new again!

Tall Tales About Terrazzo:

Many terrazzo owners have been told that waxing is the best way to care for terrazzo. Wrong! Waxing causes yellowing and requires constant stripping and re-waxing. Our terrazzo sealing and restoration methods do not involve wax. We care for your terrazzo by providing long-term protection so you’ll never have to pay for waxing, stripping, and re-waxing again. In the long run, our professional terrazzo polishing and sealing saves you money and improves the look and durability of your terrazzo.

Commercial Maintenance Guarantee – Even for high-traffic commercial properties, after we complete a terrazzo restoration and implement our regular service agreement, we will guarantee you will never have to pay for a complete restoration again.