Travertine is formed in hot springs and limestone caves. During the formation process, carbon dioxide creates tiny holes throughout the travertine. When purchased, travertine can come with the natural holes intact or filled. The finish of both varieties – filled and unfilled – can be effectively honed or polished to restore the travertine to its original condition.

The Marble Restoration Company team can also repair virtually any type of damage to your travertine.  In addition to natural stone restorations, we repair cracks, chips, discoloration and more!  Our crew takes no shortcuts and will scrub, repair and restore your travertine, grout lines, caulk and more!  To learn about our repair services, please visit our Chip Repair, Cleaning, Sealing, Coloring and Polishing Services page.

The Marble Restoration Company of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley’s travertine care and restoration methods employ state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to protect and preserve your travertine floors, counters, vanities, showers, stairs, fireplaces, and more; if it’s made of travertine, we’ll make it like new again!

The Truth About Travertine:

Like marble, you may have been told that travertine needs no maintenance. Wrong! Caring for travertine so it always looks fabulous requires occasional TLC. Travertine is softer than marble, and as a naturally soft stone it will eventually dull, etch, or scratch. Once your stone is damaged, a full travertine restoration is required. After our professional team performs the necessary steps to restore your travertine to its original beauty, our technicians will educate you with simple stone and tile care tips so you can keep your travertine looking like it was just installed.

Commercial Maintenance Guarantee – Even for high-traffic commercial properties, we guarantee you will never have to pay to restore your stone again after we complete a travertine restoration and implement our regular service agreement.