We’re the Right Company to Restore Your Natural Stone. Here’s why:

The beauty of natural stone is that no matter how scratched, etched, or worn with age it becomes, The Marble Restoration Company of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley can restore it to its original beauty. We can also alter the final finish of the stone to a gloss, matte, or satin luster. Our restoration process is a fraction of the cost of replacing the stone and may actually increase your stone’s value.

“I have a marble hallway that is damaged from years of etches and scratches building up. My cleaning lady put the floor into even worse condition by using the wrong cleaners. I bought a product online that was intended to fix the issue, and it didn’t do a thing! The reviews for the product said if the product didn’t work, I needed to call a professional. I need your help!”
– Karen, Merion Station, PA

You have invested a lot of money in your stone. It is an asset you don’t want to entrust to a janitorial or maintenance company to restore. Our dedicated, highly-skilled professionals complete an intense training course and then spend a considerable amount of time in an apprentice program before we allow them to work on your stone care and restoration.

Because every stone is different, we’re prepared with a wide variety of state-of-the-art technologies and tools to address each client’s individual stone restoration, repair, and maintenance needs. We use specialized equipment employed by the best professional stoneworkers, and our experts have the education and experience necessary to use these resources safely and effectively. Your stone will be restored to its original beauty and maintained to the highest standards, and we’ll share our time-tested stone and tile care tips so you’ll feel confident about caring for your investment between scheduled maintenance visits.

Two Interior Designers were entrusted with restoring a historical Louis Kahn home to the architect’s original intent. They called upon The Marble Restoration Company to handle all of the stone restoration. When a neighbor stopped by to introduce herself to one of our technicians, she said “If you were hired for this job, then you must be the best!”

Our process involves several steps. We start with diamond honing to remove the damage from your stone. The type and sequence of diamonds depends on the variety of stone and the type and extent of the damage. Once all of the damage to your stone is removed, our professional technicians polish, buff, and seal the stone for a beautiful, durable finish.

Typically, our technicians use wet diamond honing to ensure that we keep dust to a minimum. We mask, seal off, and protect the surrounding environment including woodwork, carpeting, and other areas not being treated. While your stone is being restored, the rest of your environment remains clean and particle-free.

Schedule an Estimate Today.  Here’s what to expect:

We’ll send an estimator to your home or business who will take measurements and thoroughly assess and document the area(s) to be serviced, including taking relevant photographs.  Our professional estimator may be able to offer you an estimate on the spot, and you’ll receive an emailed estimate within 24 hours.  Because each job is different, we base our estimates on how many technicians are needed and how long it will take them to complete the work.  We guarantee that your estimate will be a fraction of the cost of replacing the old or damaged stone, and you will be pleased with the final results.

Scheduling and Lead-Time:  Here are the details:

Once you approve the estimate, we ask for a deposit to lock in the schedule and guarantee the technicians’ time.  We usually begin work in 2 to 3 weeks, but we are happy to accommodate special circumstances that require a quicker turnaround.

The time to complete each job varies depending on the total square footage, the item to be restored (floor, vanity, shower wall, etc.) and the type of stone being restored.  As a guide, an average restoration of a 150 square foot marble floor would take one technician about a day.

Our Mission Is Clear:

To provide the ultimate in professional, reliable, and effective stone restoration and care for our customers. Our passion for beautifying natural stone combined with our extensive expertise, state-of-the art technology, and intensive technician training allows us to fulfill our mission for all our clients, no matter what their needs.

From corporate lobbies and factory floors to private kitchens and personal patios: If it’s made of stone, we’ll make it like new again.