After numerous attempts to try to find an alternative solution to waxing and rewaxing their black terrazzo floor, a commercial client contacted us to provide a test sample to naturally restore their stone.  (Read more about why you shouldn’t use wax on any natural stone here.)  After gathering information on how the floor had been maintained in the past and the products that had been used, we scheduled their test sample right away.

Our crew began the removal of the floor coating by stripping each individual layer of coating from the stone.  The coating had absorbed so deeply into the stone that it was quite stubborn during the removal process.  After the coating was completely removed by using stripper and very abrasive diamonds, we performed a full range of diamond honing to remove all of the damage that had just been waxed over for years.  We then crystallized the stone to bring back its high shine and seal the floor.

The client absolutely loved the amazing difference from what he started with and decided to proceed with the natural stone restoration process for his terrazzo floor!

Before Natural Restoration  During Natural Restoration  After Natural Restoration

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