Continuing with our crack repair theme from our last Case Study, our crew repaired a marble baseboard that was not only missing small pieces of stone, but it was also cracked along the seam.  We usually see these types of repairs after a home has settled over the years, or from a direct impact from something like a vacuum cleaner.  In order to repair the damage, our crew:

  1. Cleaned the area of loose material and then roughed up the surfaces.  We then cleaned it with acetone to prepare it for filling.  Next, we precisely taped off each edge of the repair area to keep the repair as neat as possible.
  2. Mixed the color using 2-part epoxy to achieve the proper color match.
  3. Filled the voids with material, being certain to fill deeply as well as high to allow for shrinkage and leveling with the stone.  We then let the epoxy dry completely.
  4. Sanded down excess material using a 4″ flexible backer pad and sandpaper to achieve a high gloss without chemical polishing.
  5. Recaulked seams with PolyBlend Sanded Caulk.

In just a few hours, the marble baseboard looked brand new again!

Marble Baseboard Crack and Broken Seam

Before photo of cracked marble baseboard with broken seam.