Our crew was recently contracted for a full restoration of a Dark Emperador Marble Double-Bowl Vanity.  From all the years of use, the vanity had become very worn, and there were only a couple of small shiny spots remaining on one edge of the vanity.  To bring this vanity back to life, our technicians performed the following processes:

  1. Mask and protect area with special attention to walls surrounding backsplash.
  2. Use multiple diamond hones on both of the backsplashes and vanity to remove lots of water marks and etches, getting as close as possible to faucets and underneath raised porcelain sink bowls.  (The customer chose not to have these removed for the restoration process.)
  3. Once damage has been removed, apply polish to restore marble’s natural luster.
  4. As vanity begins to shine, do a final cleaning of the stone to neutralize any remaining solution.
  5. Apply impregnating sealer to the vanity and backsplashes to close up the pores and help repel future spills.
  6. Clean work area and remove masking and protecting.

Once the restoration work was complete, we made sure our customer was well-informed of the tips and tricks of the trade (found here – Care Tips).  With this knowledge, she will be able to care for her stone until her next touch-up maintenance visit in the years to come.

The majority of our customers do not realize that stone restoration is possible until they are considering replacing their dulling stone; upon doing some research, they find restoration to be a much less expensive and much less disruptive process.  Once customers see what our crew can do for their stone, they have a much better understanding of the entire process and know when to call us back for touch-up work.  The sooner the damage is taken care of, the less expensive the process will be!

Before and After - Restoration of a Dark Emperador Marble Double-Bowl VanityBefore and After - Restoration of a Dark Emperador Marble Double-Bowl Vanity








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