Many homeowners do not realize that their natural stone requires regular maintenance in order to maintain its original luster until the stone has already had years of wear-and-tear; our most recent Case Study was no exception to the trend!  We received a call from a customer who had noticed that she had water rings and dull marks all over her White Statuario Marble Kitchen Island.  She uses the island mostly for food prep, and her kids do their homework and eat snacks there as well.  These things combined are a perfect mixture for introducing etches and minor scratches to the surface of the stone, causing dull marks across the counter.

The estimator who met with the customer to assess her stone determined that our crew would need to use three to four different grits during the diamond honing process to remove the etches and scratches in her Statuario Marble.  After removing the damage, our standard restoration would continue with polishing the stone to restore its natural shine, cleaning the counter and neutralizing the polishing agent, and finally sealing the counter to help protect it against future spills and staining.

Before - Statuario Marble Stone Restoration

Dullness caused by minor scratching