The Marble Restoration Company crew was recently contracted for the restoration of a Statuario Marble mantel and foyer floor.  The customer had just moved in to the house, and one of her first goals was to repair the extremely damaged marble.  Both the floor in her foyer and her fireplace mantel were made of Statuario Marble that had not been taken care of in years.

While we always protect the areas surrounding the work space, the stone was adjacent to hardwood floors, so there was special masking and protecting required prior to the restoration process to ensure no solutions leaked onto the surrounding floors.  The crew used three grits of diamonds during the honing process to remove the etches and scratches from the stone.  This grinding process removes extremely small amounts of the stone, and by doing so creates a marble slurry once mixed into our solution.  This process is done as a wet process to ensure marble dust does not get all over the house!  Once the marble had been evened out and the rough etches and scratches were removed, the crew polished the floor to its original luster and then performed a final cleaning to remove any remaining product from the floor.  Now that the floor was clean, an impregnating sealer was applied to help protect the floor from absorbing liquids in the future.

Check out the photos to see just what The Marble Restoration Company crew can do for your stone!

Before and After - Statuario Marble Foyer Floor






After - Statuario Marble Floor After - Statuario Marble Floor









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