A client recently contracted The Marble Restoration Company to take care of a few stone restoration issues she was having with her Crema Marfil Marble floors.  She was working on selling the house, so she was on a budget for how much she wanted to spend.  Originally, she only wanted a 16 square foot section under one of her planters restored due to water marks.  Once she understood that we could not guarantee a perfect blend with the surrounding area since the rest of the floor was heavily scratched, she decided it would be a much better selling point to restore the entire floor.

After spot honing the extremely damaged areas using low-grit diamonds on their floor machines, the crew proceeded to use 3 additional grits on the entire floor to remove all of the etches and scratches from years of wear-and-tear.  In the smaller areas, like around the toilet, our techs used hand machines in order to achieve the same outcome as the rest of the floor.  Once the damage was removed, we polished the entire floor to bring back the stone’s original mirror-like shine and then finished the project by applying impregnating sealer to her entire Crema Marfil Marble floor.

Crema Marfil Marble Floor - Before and After

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