We recently received a call from a professional cleaning company that used a standard cleaning chemical on a client’s marble floor.  While their intention was to remove the embedded dirt from their client’s grout lines, the cleaner left unsightly white etch marks throughout the entire marble floor.  Unfortunately, we receive calls similar to this all too frequently as stone care is a science, and we are the experts!

After we went to their client’s home for an on-site estimate, we were contracted to take care of the marble floor etch removal and grout cleaning by the cleaning company.  The floor was in pretty bad shape – there was not just etching and scratches, but the grout lines had not been thoroughly cleaned.

Our crew diamond honed the floor multiple times to remove the deepest damage, then manually scrubbed the grout lines with a wire brush and heavy duty cleaner.  They then proceeded to hone the floor twice more before polishing to bring the floor back up to its original shine.  They finished the marble restoration by applying an impregnating sealer to help protect against future damage.

The cleaning company’s client absolutely loved the floor.  Our technician recalls, “‘Wow’ was the exact word she used!”

Before and After Marble Restoration

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