A few weeks back, we received a call from a woman whose white and grey marble bathroom floor was stained orange, ruining what had been a beautiful stone.  She tried to remove the stains herself using Hydrogen Peroxide and a few other general cleaners, but nothing worked and additional damage to the stone was created due to the chemicals used in the attempted stain removal.

Shortly after her on-site estimate, we were contracted to complete her marble floor stain removal and restore her floor to like new condition.  The work was scheduled over 2 days about a week apart.  On the first day, we applied a poultice with a bleaching additive.  A week later when the poultice was dry, we returned to remove it and restore the floor.

Upon the removal of the poultice, the customer and our technician observed the successful removal of the staining, and felt we could proceed with the clean up, honing and sealing portion of the project.  After the poultice was removed, our technician gave the floor a deep cleaning with a neutral cleaner.  Then, he honed the floor with honing powders to bring the floor back up to the desired matte finish.  Our technician then performed a final cleaning, rinsing and thorough drying of the floor.  Finally, the impregnating sealer was applied to the entire bathroom floor and buffed dry to help protect against future damage.

In the end, the orange staining and chemical etching were removed, and we gained another happy customer!

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