Problem: A customer of The Marble Restoration Company required a counter crack repair due to too much pressure on an unsupported section of a granite counter top.  Additionally, the granite slab was no longer horizontally aligned at the crack.  Here is how our crew repaired the damage:

Step 1: Open up crack and remove any loose or broken material

Step 2: Diamond hone stone to level surface and fill with color-matched epoxy

Step 3: Diamond hone stone to level epoxy and prepare stone for polishing

Step 4: Stone is polished to a high gloss finish

Before - Granite Crack During - Crack Repair During - Crack Repair After - Crack Repair

Final Result: The counter crack repair is smooth to the touch, the shine has blended with the surrounding area, and the crack’s appearance, while slightly visible, has dramatically diminished. Unfortunately, most cracks will not ‘disappear’ as the complex characteristics of the natural stone cannot be entirely recreated.

Before and after crack repair

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