Our crew recently completed a job for a customer who has two kids and a beautiful Carrara Marble kitchen table – not a great combination if you know how sensitive marble can be!  She was concerned because her table was showing lots of etches that were wearing right through the epoxy coating.  Because she knew that she and her family would continue to heavily use the table, she needed the best solution possible for keeping visible damage to a minimum.

Our team recommended that she transform her table from the high-shine of the epoxy coating to a honed marble finish.  While many people prefer a high-shine on their stone, damage is also much more visible on polished marble.  Because the most common form of damage to marble is etching, which dulls the stone, having a matte finish would help to camouflage future etch marks.

We began the project by using an aggressive honing system to cut off the epoxy coating from the surface of the stone.  We then restored the stone to remove all etches and scratches from the marble and used honing powders to transform the marble to a matte finish.  The last step was to apply an impregnating sealer that soaks in to the pores of the stone to help repel liquids and does not effect the appearance of the marble.

Now that the stone has been transformed from a polished to a honed marble, the required upkeep of the kitchen table is very minimal!

Polished to Honed Marble

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