We recently got a call from a customer asking if we could repair the smoke and water damage to marble fireplaces she had in her home.  She had two white marble fireplaces that had been destroyed in a house fire that she was sure were not salvageable, but our crew was up for the challenge!  Below are the steps we took to bring the life back to the marble fireplaces she thought she had lost in the fire.

Fire Damaged Stone

The damaged marble showed a tan/yellow coloring with drip marks from the water hoses.

After first cleaning with specialized cleaner

After cleaning the stone with a specialized cleaner intended for smoke and water damage, the stone began to lighten.

After cleaning the marble with the specialized cleaner a second time, the crew applied a poultice to the stone and covered it with plastic to allow for a slower dry time, increasing the chances of pulling out the remaining stains.

Poultice after a week

Our team returned to the job site after a week and removed the plastic from the stone. You can see the poultice is beginning to crack, meaning it has dried up and completed the stain removal process.

Poultice removed from marble

The poultice was then removed from the stone, and the residue was wiped away prior to the restoration.

Restored Marble Fireplace

After diamond honing, polishing and applying an impregnating sealer to the stone, you can perfectly see the reflection of the furniture in the room on the face of the fireplace. (The blue tape that is left was securing a repair to the marble that had not quite dried.)

The dramatic change from before the restoration to after made our customer very happy because she was able to use these fireplaces again in her new house!

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