We recently received a customer call to repair the seams on her master bathroom vanity and restore the stone to its original luster.  Our crew was contracted to take care of both projects, beginning with the seam repair and finishing up with a complete restoration of the vanity to remove the damage that was caused from years of use.  Here is the step-by-step process that was used to take care of the seam repairs with some photos to show the repairs at each stage.

1) The surrounding area was masked off, and then the broken and loose material was removed from the seam in preparation of the repair.

1) Before 1 Left  2) Before 2 Left  3) Before 1 Right  4) Before 2 right

2) Color matched epoxy is mixed on site.  Sometimes multiple colors are needed to get as close a match as possible.

5) Color matched on site  6) Continue working to attain close color match

3) The seams are taped off to keep excess material off the vanity.  Tape also creates height so that the epoxy is left higher than the surface of the stone.  The seam is then filled and the tape is pulled from the vanity.