We received a call from a customer who had recently moved into a home and inherited a dull, white marble floor in her powder room and foyer.  Not only was the floor dull from years of use and improper care, the tiles were also cracking and the grout was beginning to crumble.  The customer was afraid that the damage was too extensive, and that she would need to rip out and replace her entire floor.  Thankfully, she called us before embarking on that expensive and messy journey, as we were able to take care of all of her tile and grout needs within her budget and without creating an unsightly living space!

Upon visiting the job site, the estimator determined that her floor required a full restoration (including stripping the wax coating on the tile) as well as crack and grout repair.  The steps our crew took to return this floor to its original luster were as follows:

  1. Mask and protect surrounding area with tarps and plastic.
  2. Strip wax coating from the tile and grout that has not worn off from normal use and cleaning.
  3. Clean out all tile cracks to prepare for repair work.
  4. Fill tile cracks with color-matched 2-part epoxy and smooth to blend with surrounding area.
  5. Perform 5 diamond hones to remove all deep and superficial damage.  To remove damage from the edges of the floor, technicians must use hand grinding tools.  Grout cleaning will take place concurrently.
  6. Once scratches and etches have been removed, polish floor to its original luster.
  7. Final clean and neutralize floor.
  8. Fill all grout voids.
  9. Apply impregnating sealer to help protect floor from future damage.
  10. Clean work area.

Upon seeing the before and after photos of this once dull, white marble floor, the customer had no other words but “WOW!”

Dull, White Marble Floor Restoration Before and After3








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