Our crew has been working on restoring different areas of a local condominium over the last few months to work within monthly budget constraints yet provide a beautiful atmosphere for residents, prospective residents and employees alike.  For this particular project, we were contracted for a marble floor restoration in the common hallway that connects the two condo buildings.  While maintaining ingress and egress, as this work was completed during our day shift, our crew followed these steps to bring the stone back to life:

  1. Mask and protect surrounding area with tarps and plastic covering
  2. Full range of diamond honing to remove scratches, etches and wear marks
  3. Mechanical polish to restore stone luster and shine
  4. Final clean and neutralize floor, concentrating on the grout lines
  5. Apply impregnating sealer to soak in to the stone and help protect against future damage
  6. Clean work area

By following these steps, providing maintenance tips for the nightly janitorial crew, and beginning a periodic maintenance program that involves diamond honing and polishing the floor as normal wear-and-tear begins to show, the floors in this condominium are always in tip-top condition!


Before - Marble Floor Restoration

Before Marble Floor Restoration