We recently completed a job on a Carrara Marble kitchen island.  The customer was concerned that her marble was very dull from daily use and called our crew in for the job.  While we would normally recommend a natural restoration of the stone as it is a beautiful and budget-friendly solution for all stone types, this particular stone was a great candidate for a StoneGuard® application.  StoneGuard® is a polyethylene protective film for counters and tables that is designed with a scratch and chemical resistant coating.  Because this film is a more permanent solution against wear and tear, it is a bit more expensive than a natural stone restoration.  The customer wanted to proceed with the StoneGuard® as she wanted the marble island looking great for a long time without worrying about spills or cleaning products damaging the stone.

Upon arrival to the customer’s home, our crew began the process with diamond honing to remove the scratches and etches from the marble.  We then polished the stone to restore its natural shine.  Once the marble was restored, we applied the StoneGuard® film which gave the marble a higher shine with an even more crystal clear reflection of the kitchen windows.  See below for photos before the natural restoration, after the restoration, and after the application of the StoneGuard®.

Before Stone Restoration  Before Stone Restoration

After Stone Restoration  After Stone Restoration