Our team recently completed a project on a client’s bathroom tile floor.  She has 54 square feet of ceramic tile flooring that required a professional cleaning and sealing because everything she tried to clean with was not doing the job.  Her biggest concern was that the original grout color was white, but was stained in spots from built-up dirt and spilled personal care products.  The Marble Restoration Company crew was able to make the floor look new again in just a few steps:

1.  Because the ceramic was very dirty, we used 2 different cleaners and a blue brush to remove the build-up on the tiles.  We also used a peroxide solution and grout brushes to revive the white grout.

2.  Now that the ceramic was back up to par, we restored the 2 Carrara Marble thresholds to bring back their natural shine.

3.  We then repaired areas where there was missing grout and failing caulk to ensure no moisture could build up that could cause mold and mildew.

4.  The final step was to seal the grout lines to help protect against future dirt build-up and spills.

Now that the floor looks great again, we have a very happy customer who now knows how to maintain her like new ceramic bathroom floor!

Before and after tile cleaning - close up

A close up photo of the tile and grout before and after the cleaning

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