The Marble Restoration Company crew recently completed a job at a customer’s home who has Absolute Black Granite kitchen counters that were worn from years of use.  The customer was especially interested in the restoration of the area around her sink as it had several water stains and the stone was very dull.

During the granite counter restoration, our crew performed the following procedures to get her counters back in tip-top condition:

1. Repaired the seam on the front of the sink where the two granite slabs are joined.

2. Diamond honed the granite counter with multiple grits to remove the damage that caused the dullness.  Our crew has a few tricks up their sleeves to make your granite, marble or other natural stone really shine, so during this restoration we buffed the counters with a special product in between diamond hones to really make the granite shine!

3. After all of the damage had been removed, we polished the granite counters with two products to both enhance the color and harden the glass-like shine on the stone.

4. Now that the granite was back to its like-new shine, the crew did a final clean and then applied an impregnating sealer, which soaks into the pores of the granite to help seal them up and help protect against future damage.

Before granite restoration

Unsightly etches and scratches that were visible prior to the granite restoration.

Before granite restoration

This photo displays fine scratches on the granite which makes the reflected light very hazy.