The Marble Restoration Company crew recently finished up a Cecilia Granite counter repair and restoration.  The customer was concerned about an area that had been bleached out by a flower preservative and also some pitting that was occurring throughout the granite counter, making it appear dull.  We determined that the counter needed the following processes to get it back in to tip-top condition:

1. Deep clean to remove all grease and debris from the granite counter.

2. Fill ten large pits and a chip on the edge of the counter with 2-part color-matched epoxy.  Sand the fills smooth and blend with the rest of the counter.

3. Restore the bleached area with multiple applications of different products to help enhance the stone’s natural colors.

4. Polish and crystallize the stone to restore its natural luster.

5. Perform a final clean and apply impregnating sealer to close the pores of the granite and help protect it against future damage.

Upon completion of the job, our technician recalled, “It looked awesome upon completion and the customer loved how smooth and shiny it was!”

Before Granite Restoration

This photo shows the pitting and damage on the granite counter before the restoration. The reflection of the trees is just a blur!

After Granite Restoration

This photo taken after the granite restoration shows perfectly clear trees in the reflection of the stone!