Carrara Marble floors, showers and vanities are a popular choice amongst homeowners.  With this beautiful choice comes a certain amount of necessary stone maintenance, like other natural stones.  Carrara Marble has a tendency to show a lot of wear-and-tear and is even susceptible to yellowing if not taken care of properly.  The Marble Restoration Company crew was recently called out for a job to repair and restore a master bathroom Carrara Marble vanity with some of these issues.

The homeowner was concerned about a chip repair on the edge of the counter and the removal of etches and scratches that had started to dull the marble over the years.  The technicians on-site began mixing a 2-part epoxy to color-match the missing piece of marble.  Once the color was created, the chip was filled above the level of the stone to allow room to flatten, blend and smooth the repair with the surrounding area during the restoration process.

Carrara Marble Vanity Chip Repair

Carrara Marble Vanity Chip Repair – Before and After Photo

The next step was to spot diamond hone some of the worst areas that required deep damage removal with 50 grit diamonds.  The technicians then used 4 additional grits of diamonds to remove the remaining damage and bring the stone up to a finish that would allow for successful polishing.  After mechanically applying the polish, they did a final clean and neutralize of the marble.  The final step, as always, was to apply an impregnating sealer to help protect the stone from future damage.

Carrara Marble Vanity Restoration

Carrara Marble Vanity Restoration –