Small pits or pieces of stone popping off the surface of your stone is called spalling. This condition is common on stone exposed to large amounts of water or when deicing salts are used for ice removal on concrete. Like efflorescence, mineral salts are the cause for spalling and pitting. Instead of the salts depositing on the surface like efflorescence, they deposit below the surface of the stone, causing pressure within the stone, which creates stone spalls or pits.

Chips and holes tend to appear with normal wear-and-tear.  It is more common for chips and holes to occur near a kitchen stove top or sink as that is where most of the kitchen traffic happens.  Hitting the edge of a counter or dropping something heavy on the granite, marble or other natural stone could cause a chip or hole that requires filling.

Repairing chips, spalls, and holes in the stone’s surface requires a polyester, epoxy, or cement-based filler material with color added to match that of the stone. After filling, the area must also be restored to smooth out and level the filler material with the stone surface.  It is best to call a stone care expert as this process requires a lot of time and experience to ensure the fill blends with the rest of the stone.

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