While not guaranteed, it is possible for very light, small etch marks on your marble floors or counters to be removed using an etch remover, rag, rubber gloves for hand protection and some elbow grease.  An etch on your marble is a chemical reaction between the calcium carbonate in the stone and acids found in bathroom cleaners, coffee, etc.  Your stone is not discolored, but the etch has created a dull mark on your stone.

To attempt this ‘Do It Yourself’ etch removal project, we suggest using a product such as Miracle Sealants Water Ring and Etch Remover that can be found at Home Depot.  Always follow the instructions on the product you purchase, but here are basic guidelines from this Miracle Sealants product on what to expect:

1. Remove all previously applied sealers or coatings from the area.

2. Wet the area with clean water.  Sprinkle the etch remover product on the area and buff with a rag making slow, even passes.  Add additional water or etch remover as needed to maintain a watery/milky slurry.  Do not allow the slurry to dry on the surface of the stone.

3. Buff for 1-2 minutes or until desired polish is achieved.  Be careful not to buff too long as this could cause the stone to burn.

4. After buffing, rinse the stone thoroughly with a pH-neutral cleaner and wipe the excess liquids from the surface completely.

This method can effectively remove many light scratches, water rings and etch marks while restoring the desired luster to very small areas.  If the area is to big or the etch is too deep, contact The Marble Restoration Company to remove the damage and ensure the proper care of your stone.

For additional care tips for your marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo or other natural stone and grout, please visit our Care Tips page! If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a free estimate with one of our stone care experts, please contact us today!