As you are getting ready to move ahead with your stone restoration work, it may be helpful to understand what you can expect leading up to, during, and after the project has been completed.  Our team works hard to keep the stone restoration process as smooth as possible for our customers!

Leading Up To The Project

First, call or email our office team to set up your free estimate.  On the agreed upon date and time, one of our estimators will visit your home or job-site, and you will be sent an email proposal within 24-48 hours (unless you are told otherwise by the estimator).  Your project(s) will be priced based on the amount of time it will require to complete them.  The basic factors that determine the amount of time required are the square footage, amount of damage, and if it is floor or hand work.

Once you have reviewed your proposal and have decided you would like to proceed with the work, we will do our best to get your work scheduled as quickly as possible and within your time frame.  We ask that you clear the work area of any personal belongings prior to our arrival so that we can hit the ground running!

During The Project

On your scheduled service day(s), our team will mask and protect all necessary areas to ensure your walls, floors, cabinets, etc. are all protected as best as possible.  If you are having floors serviced, you can expect the technician(s) to bring a swing machine and vacuum as well as all necessary products and solutions.  If you are having hand work done (walls, counters, stairs, etc.), you can expect the technician(s) to bring a hand machine and vacuum as well as any necessary products and solutions.

The most noise you can expect will be from the periodic vacuuming of the water or slurry created during the restoration process.  Depending on the processes your stone requires, you may or may not have any apparent odor (although most odors dissipate before the technician(s) leave for the day).  Regardless of the processes your stone requires, you will not have any dust because we use a wet process to capture the particles in our water solution.  Our technician(s) will clean up the entire work area and any masking and protecting prior to leaving your home or job-site.

After The Project

Once your project is complete, you can expect to have your stone looking like new again and to be provided with proper cleaning instructions to help maintain your stone.  Our team is always available should you have any questions after your stone restoration project has been completed.

For additional care tips for your marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo or other natural stone and grout, please visit our Care Tips page! If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a free estimate with one of our stone care experts, please contact us today!