Did you know that using a squeegee on your shower walls to prevent water from sitting on the surface of your marble can help extend the beauty of your stone?  Water from your shower carries soap and other particulates on to your marble, and once it dries it leaves behind soap scum.  Additionally, the moisture left behind by water can allow mold and mildew to grow on the surface and break down your sealer exposing your stone to potential etch marks.  After each shower, you should squeegee the marble walls and glass.  This will help maintain a clean marble shower and prevent hard water stains from occurring.

Also, make sure to examine the grout between the tiles and the caulk (especially around the perimeter of the shower floor) periodically.  If the grout or caulk is beginning to fall out or detach from the stone, it needs to be filled or replaced to keep the moisture from getting behind the stone and causing mold issues.  If you begin to see more and more damage, it is time to call the team at The Marble Restoration Company who can restore and reseal your marble shower to keep it protected.

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