Did you know that while it could take some time and work, it is possible to clean granite or marble stains from your stone?  The first step is identifying the type of stain you have.  If you do not know where the stain originated, ask yourself a few questions.  Where is the stain located – is it near a plant, a food area, or an area where cosmetics are used?  What is the color, shape or pattern of the stain?  Surface stains can often be successfully removed by cleaning with an appropriate cleaning product.  Cleaning granite or marble stains that have begun to soak in to your stone may require a professional poultice application or restoration.

In general, oil-based stains will cause a dark mark on your stone and usually require chemicals such as bleach or acetone to flush the stain out of the pores of the stone.

Organic stains from things like coffee or tobacco are a bit easier to remove.  The stain can usually be removed with 12% hydrogen peroxide and a couple drops of ammonia.

Metal stains such as rust tend to require a poultice application.  As with all stains, if the stain is coming from something beneath the stone (like a metal pipe), the stain may only be lightened or may not change at all and will likely return because the source of the stain still exists beneath the stone.

Biological stains from things like mildew should be cleaned with 1/2 cup of bleach or hydrogen peroxide mixed with a gallon of water.

To clean dark stones with ink stains or small amounts of paint try using lacquer thinner.  To clean light stones with ink stains try using bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

When attempting to remove granite or marble stains, take all necessary safety precautions to protect your eyes, hands and body.  Additionally, using chemicals to remove stains from your stone may cause an etch or dull mark in place of the stain.  A stone care professional from The Marble Restoration Company can perform a spot restoration for you to remove the etch mark and bring your stone back to life!

For additional care tips for your marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo or other natural stone and grout, please visit our Care Tips page!  If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a free estimate with one of our stone care experts, please contact us today!