Did you know that while granite counter tops can withstand a great deal of heat, they are not impervious to damage caused by hot pans?  One risk is that the granite does not expand and contract easily; when a hot pan is placed on the stone, there is a chance the counter can crack from thermal shock.  Another risk is that if a sealer has been applied to the granite to help protect it from damage, it is sensitive to heat and can break down faster if hot pans are put on the stone, leaving the granite more susceptible to staining.  A third risk is that if there are any crumbs or debris between the hot pan and the stone, the debris may cause a scratch on the granite if the hot pan is moved.

When possible, do not set hot pans on granite counter tops, and remember that it is best to use cutting boards, trivets and coasters to help protect the beauty of your stone!

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