Did you know once water stops beading up and is absorbing into your marble or granite counter top, it is time to seal your stone again?  When choosing your sealer, we always recommend an impregnating sealer so that it soaks into the pores of your stone to help prevent stains.

If you are a Do-It-Yourself type of person, make sure your marble or granite is perfectly clean so that you do not seal in any stains or debris.  Always use a pH-neutral cleaner or water so as not to damage your granite or marble.  Be sure to follow the application instructions on the bottle to obtain the best results.  Most sealers are wiped on, left to dwell on the stone for 10-15 minutes and then any remaining sealer is buffed off of the surface.  If the excess is not buffed off, you could be left with an unsightly haze on your counters, so don’t overlook this important step!

Sealing marble or granite counters can take some work, so if you need assistance, The Marble Restoration Company team can handle your sealing needs to keep your stone protected!

For additional care tips for your marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo or other natural stone and grout, please visit our Care Tips page!