Did you know timely cleaning of spills like oils or common acidic beverages like coffee or lemonade can prevent costly marble or granite repairs or even permanent damage?  Dampen a soft cloth with water or a pH-neutral cleaner, and wipe spills immediately to help avoid etching or staining your marble or granite.  When possible, use coasters to prevent rings from etching the surface of your marble or granite, and use felt pads under items that may be shifted around the counter or floor to prevent scratches on your stone.

Aside from accidental spills, other seemingly harmless liquids can also require marble or granite repair if they are not wiped immediately.  Most people do not know that contact solution can etch a bathroom counter.  We recommend using a tray or working over the sink bowl when using the solution to avoid contact with your marble or granite.  Also, glass cleaners are not stone-safe, so when cleaning mirrors or windows, be sure to spray the cleaner directly on to a paper towel and away from any stone.  When spraying directly on to a glass surface, there is overspray that falls on to the stone and can cause small etch marks where the spray landed on the stone.  When in doubt, just remember that pH-neutral cleaners or water are always best for cleaning around natural stone counters and floors.

For additional care tips for your marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo or other natural stone and grout, please visit our Care Tips page!