If you are just getting started with natural stone, and have the option to choose between a honed and polished finish, you may want to consider the honed finish for easier maintenance.  Did you know that a honed or duller marble finish, while still susceptible to etching, does not show damage of everyday use when compared to a polished marble finish?  Etching is caused by a chemical reaction between the calcium carbonate in the marble and acids found in everyday cleaners, orange juice, etc.  Etches will look like a dull spot or ring on your marble counter; on a honed marble counter, the dull spot will be less noticeable as it will be on a duller finish than polished marble.  Both stone finishes should be sealed with an impregnating sealer upon installation to protect the stone as best as possible, but normal wear-and-tear seems to show itself faster on honed versus polished marble.  If you prefer polished marble, you may see etches form at some point, but the stone care professionals at The Marble Restoration Company can restore your stone to look like new again!

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