Did you know that entry rugs can help prevent debris from being introduced to your floors and therefore reduce the chance of a scratched marble floor?  (During the winter months, entry rugs can also keep ice melt from etching your marble floors.)  Shoes can carry all sorts of gritty substances, like dirt or sand, on to your floors.  When possible, remove shoes on entry rugs so that the debris is not tracked through the house.  If you are having any construction work done, always be sure to put tarps on your marble as saw dust from carpenters, paint from painters or staples from rug installers can all damage your precious stone floors.  Additionally, applying felt pads on the bottom of your furniture can provide a soft protective barrier between your wood or metal furniture and marble floors.

While rugs and felt pads will reduce the chance of scratched marble floors, it is also a good idea to dust mop regularly to pick up loose particles that manage to find their way on to your marble.  When damp mopping, make sure not to flood the floor with water or cleaner as that will leave your stone looking streaky.

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