A stun mark is a type of crystal damage to your natural stone. Stun marks appear as white marks on the surface of the stone and are common in certain types of marble. These stuns are the result of small explosions inside the crystal of the stone. Pin point pressures placed on the marble cause these marks. For instance, women’s high heels or blunt pointed instruments are common reasons for stun marks. This type of damage is sometimes very deep in the stone or may even go all the way through it. Stun marks can be difficult to remove. Grinding the stone can reduce the number of stuns, but some exist through the entire thickness of the stone. Grinding with coarse abrasives can remove or improve some stuns but may not remove them completely. Unfortunately, if grinding does not remove them, replacement of the damaged stone is the only alternative.

Stun marks are not to be confused with chips.  Chipped granite, marble or other stone can be caused by reasons similar to stun marks.  If a hammer is dropped on a stone surface, it may cause a stun mark at the exact point where the metal hit the stone.  The stun mark can be very small, depending on the size of the object and looks like a burst crystal.  However, depending on how the hammer hit the floor, it could have chipped the stone instead.  If the floor is chipped, a two-part color-matched epoxy can take care of the void in the stone, and you will never know the floor was ever compromised.

Because stun marks appear as white marks on the surface of the stone, they can also be mistaken for a small etch.  Etches are superficial and feel like a rough mark on an otherwise smooth stone.  A stun mark will feel more like the stone has shattered within that pinpoint.  Etches and chips can be easily repaired, but repairing a stun mark may or may not be feasible.

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