Lippage, or better known as uneven floor tiles, refers to differences in height between edges of adjacent tiles.  Lippage may be caused by multiple factors during installation or as the floor settles.  Some common issues that create lippage are uneven subflooring, grout joint width, and tile warpage.  You can test your stone for lippage by placing a coin on any given grout line, and if it leans one way or the other, your floor has lippage in that particular area.

While it is difficult to lay a perfectly even floor, stones such as marble and granite can be flattened by honing the floor to take off the higher spots of the stone.

Lippage causes an uneven appearance to your floor and can also be a tripping hazard if you have severe lippage.  The good news is, the floor does not need to be ripped out and replaced; this issue is fixable, so call our team at The Marble Restoration Company to help remove the lippage from your floors.

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