Sheerstone is a specially formulated sealing process and material that can be applied to natural stone counter like marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, and more. Sheerstone can also be used to protect concrete surfaces. The sealing process of Sheerstone is designed to protect against etching and staining from daily surface use. Its finish helps maintain the natural beauty of your stone surface and provides a 5-year warranty against staining and etching.

The Sheerstone process seals fissures, cracks, pores, cavities and other openings in natural stone and concrete counters. These imperfections in the surface can capture dirt, dust, and other materials that contribute to the surface looking dull and discolored. These areas can also capture liquid spills that attribute to staining and etching. And while these areas give natural stone its unique character, they can also diminish the aesthetic quality when not properly sealed and protected.

Coating your stone and concrete counters with Sheerstone will fill the fissures, cracks, pores, cavities and more, protecting their appearance and aesthetic quality, while ensuring that the surface remains etch and stain free. The barrier from the process helps protect the entire surface from dirt, etching, chemicals, and staining, while providing the finish and luster you desire from your stone and concrete  counters.

One of biggest benefits of the Sheerstone process is the speed at which it cures. After the application of the Sheerstone material, a UV light curing system is employed to harden the application quickly, making the surface ready-to-use the same day. The full curing time is approximately 3 weeks, so light use of the surface is recommended at first.

Once The Marble Restoration Company has completed the Sheerstone application, our expert technicians will share care tips and recommendations to keep your  counters looking amazing.

The Sheerstone Process

Stone and Concrete Cleaning

The first step to every restoration project is a deep and thorough cleaning. Our cleaning process ensures that no acidic cleaners are used that can contribute to etching and dulling the stone or concrete counter. Additional chemicals and cleaners may be used to help remove stains and discoloration from the surface. This cleaning process helps remove grease, dirt, and older sealants from the material’s surface, to ensure a strong bond between the material and the Sheerstone sealant.

Sheerstone Sealing

Sheerstone material is applied to the surface of the stone or concrete, and leveled. Once complete, a UV light is placed over the surface to harden the material and protect the stone or concrete surface. Protective gear for anyone in the area of the curing light is required. The curing process typically takes 30 minutes. After the curing has completed, sanding with an extractor and wet sanding will hone the surface to its final finish. Sheerstone protection works well on horizontal surfaces like counters.

Does Sheerstone Protect from Scratches?

Some people claim that Sheerstone does not get scratched. Wrong! Though extremely durable, Sheerstone can be scratched from pots, pans, and other hard objects. Sheerstone can be restored with proper maintenance and periodic resurfacing. With regular maintenance every few years, the surface can be restored without the need to recoat.

Commercial Maintenance Guarantee

Even for high-traffic commercial properties, after we complete a Sheerstone application and implement our regular service agreement, we will guarantee you will never have to pay for a complete restoration again.